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Our Bike

Our Bike

Our Bike

Off the Chain Bike Bus Tours operates socially interactive tour experiences on our unparalleled “Luxury” customized fifteen-passenger bike bus. With our unique fashion and entertainment value, Off The Chain Bike Bus Tours is emerging as the “Go-To” company for FUN. Off the Chain Bike Bus Tours is a party on wheels and takes the travel in style concept to a whole new level.

So, why choose Off the Chain?

  • Hosted by two staff members - a Chauffeur (business in the front) and a Tour Concierge (party in the back)
  • Room for up to 15 of your friends and/or co-workers.
  • Crisp and clear elite sound system with iPod hook-up. Take advantage of one of our customized soundtracks or bring your own!
  • Electric Assist to make your ride not all about the pedaling (if desired).
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About Us


(Foreman of Festivities)

I like – to get the party started.
I rock – shorts year round.
I consume – chocolate chip cookies with M&M’s.
I listen – …what, did you say something?
I favor – to stay in a hotel room over a tent.
I am – a supermodel in disguise.



(Godfather of Good times)

I like – to grab a cold one with friends!
I rock – white socks with dress shoes.
I consume – hotdogs from Costco.
I listen – to my wife!
I favor – summer over winter.
I am – taller than you think.

With a common core value of humor and a passion for fun Todd & Jason Launched Off the Chain Bike Bus Tours
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